Dina Gachman



Brokenomics (Seal Press) is coming spring 2015

(photo credit: Ejen Chuang)

Dolly Parton!

“You’re Dina and I’m Dolly, so I guess that makes us Double-D!”

I got the chance to interview Miss Dolly Parton. Read it on Salon.

Dating Don’ts: Making Out With Sex Offenders

If I had been in a normal mindframe instead of a post-breakup tizzy, I would have politely said, “Thanks for the wine — I should go.” Instead I wondered whether he was wrongly accused…

Read the sordid tale on xoJane

"Are you upset you got the girl"

When you think of bass fishing you think of dudes on TV wearing camo and droning on about lures. I wanted to know about the women…

Interview with Bassmaster champ Christiana Bradley on The Hairpin